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Leading up to the adventure, Sparky and LewLew make plans. Then they make some more plans. Again, plans. Then the Dutch come along....

This whole adventure started at a Wild Turkey Federation banquet, which should have been seen as an omen. The safari originally wasn't purchased that night, but instead a few days later after some harmless inquiries were made. Sparky - generally known as Craig Larson - and LewLew - frequently referred to as Kelly Lewis (me) - were the intial members of the adventure. To summarize the year following the purchase of the safari, a variety of people were interested in joining the intrepid duo, the variety committed, some of the variety un-committed and went away, more came and went and in the end, only Sparky and LewLew remained. So continues the story...
The safari was purchased in the spring of 2011 - three years earlier than the Dastardly Duo had planned. Originally it was to be a celebration of the graduation from high school of our youngest children. However, the price was right and we figured we could swing it. After all, a deal is a deal, right? Like so many instances in our lives, it seemed like a good idea at the time.
Our dealings with the safari company were actually filtered through their American agent, a creature thick of Texas accent and slow to return emails. The general feeling between Sparky and myself is that this cat's standard reply of "Most of this stuff is set up on the fly. These guys are really flexible" doesn't leave a comfortable feeling in our collective stomachs. You know what I mean? A good meal of perogies, ham and peas, washed down with cold milk and an apple cobbler chaser kind of feeling, as compared to three all-bean burritos, a pickled egg and two litres of Dr. Pepper kind of feeling. At times I wish I hadn't eaten the egg. Even though our references on the company checked out, we often second guessed our decision. TOO LATE.
Planning meetings took place in one of two locations - my sun room, or Sparky's "MAN ROOM". Options were explored daily via texts and emails, but it was when we sat face to face and actually put some words to our ideas that things happened. By the time today rolled around, we had made some pretty significant decisions. KLM would be our airline. Guns were decided upon and the respective ammo obtained. Individual safari gear was acquired. A taxidermist selected. This is where we stand today.
Actually, there is one thing left that we can't do much about. We need to have a permit to travel through Netherlands airspace. We don't actually have to touch our gun cases or luggage, but we need a permit. The application has been faxed twice by me, four times by Sparky, and still no reply. We think that part of the problem is we were short a copy of our export permit from Canada, but that was included on the last fax. They have till tomorrow before we start getting lathered up. Tomorrow is blast off minus 31 days.
This is what the view from the deck is going to look like, or so the website says. I will try to replicate it with my version of the same photo. I hope it will be very similar, but will likely have a moderately dishevelled version of Sparky swilling a beer in it.
I could say the same for this picture, but I KNOW Sparky will be somewhere in the picture pouring some local concoction down his throat.

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