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Penultimate Day in Durban

That means next to last day

The next to last free day is something I was looking forward to. Not because something was booked, but because nothing was booked. Every day until this point had been planned. Either we were hunting, travelling, fishing, or getting ready to go somewhere. Fishing was Wednesday and Thursday was nothing. Not a sniff was planned. Sparky was going to sleep in and beyond that was committing to nothing. I planned to start the same, but spent the day updating the blog and sending pictures. It was good to go over the whole adventure and try to fill people in on what kind of things we have done - or attempted - and what we encountered. Anyways....
I managed to sleep till 8, stay in bed till 9, then sat around in my swim trunks after briefly considering a foray to find the pool. Instead, I blogged. This lasted till shortly after noon when I decided to go to the casino for lunch and a look around.
The casino is only about 300 metres away and is pretty spiffy. There are eating establishments of every size, shape and recipe, and where did I go? KFC. Yup. Buzzard in a bucket. Tasted just like home. Not surprising, really.
I checked out the whole mall of the casino which only has one store and it sells candy. The rest are restaurants. Nice!!!
The casino managed to eek out about R200 (just under $30) from my grasp, but that was all. I went for a walk along the waterfront, past the "Suncoast Pirates Lifesaving Society Clubhouse", which was closed of course. There were lots of people on the beach and on the big lawns between the beach and the harbourfront street. Right in front of our hotel there was a school group of what looked like grade 6 or 7 kids in their swimsuits, just laying around on towels and visiting and napping. Don't know what class it would have been, but they were there for about three hours and didn't seem to do anything. Kind of like free time on the wildlife campout.
I got back to my room and did a bit more writing. I have been working on a couple of articles on the new romanticism of the safari the new South Africa and a first timer's safari. Don't know where I will publish them, but I will likely put something on the end of this blog for people to look at.
Anyway, Sparky showed up at some point and we decided to go for supper at six. He had been walking the beach as well, only he went the other way. We would be going for supper and casino, and possibly some more drinks.
Six rolled around and we were off. I suggested we go to the Thai restaurant and then consider having another drink after casino-ing. We went to the restaurant and were impressed with the menu. The food was good - I had a hot and sour seafood soup that made my eyes water and my nose run. We managed to work through the cocktail menu - I think we had three or four each, and a main course and dessert and the bill came to about seventy dollars. Nice. We were just wrapping up dessert when a particularly pretty woman dressed in traditional Thai costume walked by the window and smiled. Cool. Then, SURPRISE!!! She showed up at the table with the waiter and he explained that she was a massage therapist from the Thai Massage Spa downstairs and she gave customers complementary massages after dinner. Sparky was all over that like dimples on a hippo's butt. He was able to provide a professional opinion that she missed one spot, but the fact he nearly fell asleep at the end of it was a good reflection on her abilities. I got a good beating up next. For a small woman, she could sure push hard. She noted that I was obviously a very powerfull man under great stress and tension. Well, if I had another three Thai mojitos, I would be able to remove the tension title.
We left the restaurant for the casino. I had to exchance some US cash to rands and Sparky had to get some cash elsewhere. I never saw him again that night. Apparently, he ran into a South African Defense Force Marine and had some beers with him. I wandered the casino looking for him and slowly losing my cash.
Home by 10:30, and in bed by 11:30 after sending some more pictures and doing some writing. Tomorrow will be slightly scheduled, but I expect there will be food and drink in significant quantities involved.

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