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A sight I haven't seen since we last took the kid Disneyland....

SOOOOO.... I went out to visit Sparky last night. He had told me he had acquired some new duds for the adventure, and he also had gained some new insight into our adventure. I pull into the yard and find Sparking sitting in his Man-Land, pining for the fjords. After exchanging niceties, he started explaining his new-found knowledge about the weather we will be encountering on our adventuer. He said we can expect temperatures of 27 or higher, and that I we are likely to poach like salmon in our own juice. He has been speaking with his buddy from South Africa, and he showed him a website which shows the average temperatures for our travel time. I countered with my own research - which shows we are likely to hit nothing over 23 degrees, but whatever.
Then it happened. He walked over to a weight lifting bench cleverly disguised as a cat bed and removed a cat from on top of a suitcase. He opened the suitcase and there it was - he was packed. Only 18 days to go and he is packed. Good grief. The guy doesn't get out enough. I won't start packing for another week and a half, but no, he is ready to go right now.
On the way home, I got thinking about the idea of packing that early. My initial thought that only kids heading to Disneyland for the first time would be packed two and a half weeks early, but I got to thinking that he may be on to something. If I was to pack now, I would know what I have and don't have, what I need, what I don't have room for, what I can do without, how much room I have for souveniers, and whether or not I am going to be overweight in the suitcase department.
I have many tips for packing when going on a big trip. First, take your most comfortable underwear. Forget the broke elastic or holey back ends. Wear them once and throw them out, creating new space in your suitcase. Same thing works for socks, but you can usually get a couple days out each pair, unless you have particularly soggy feet. Take t-shirts without anything printed on them and wear them one way, then inside out. If you are partial to the shirt, try to wash it in the hotel sink and dry over the shower curtain rod. If you take it down in the morning and there is a big rust stripe on it, wear it proudly or throw it out. Jeans can usually last for many days unless you are pretty sloppy. If you are in warmer climates, you can take your jeans and make them into shorts, adding a couple extra days. Regardless, planning to far in advance, or thinking too hard, can result in pretty strange suitcase contents.
ANYWAY, I guess I shouldn't be too hard on good ol'Sparky. Afterall, to each his own. We eventually figured out that between us we will have all of the eventualities covered. One of us will be just spiffy, and the other will be the hapless foreigner. Maybe I should at least THINK about getting my suitcase out...

Posted by morganhart 15:22

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