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Permits, Permits, Permits

Things are a happenin'...

Well, Sparky got his permit from the Netherlands. Oddly enought, it is addressed to Sparky and Me, but there is no mention of my cannon on his paper. Soooo, I got on the fax machine this morning - actually Sparky's fax machine because mine is a tad possessed - and began playing the "let's try to get a fax through on the only fax machine in the Netherlands" again. As it happened, Sparky was able to get it through later in the day. He was faxing my best, simplest, English fit for Dutchmen. I referenced Sparky's permit and noted that my cannon wasn't mentioned, even though my name was. I hope it works.

We had planned to use a permit service in South Africa, but Sparky actually stopped looking at home renovation sites on the internet long enough to discover that we can get permits in advance. It seems that we need to have the stuff in 21 days in advance, but the silver-tongued devil himself has managed to get someone to agree to put them through with only 16 days to go. This meant we had to get all that stuff faxed today, after we had it certified by a lawyer-type. I hope this works. If it doesn't, we will be standing in line with the rest of the poor schleps.

I have decided I will have to make a trip to the city to acquire some final bits of gear. I already started looking for my lucky suitcase, but no body seems to know where it is. I guess I should have a look for a new suitcase... No matter, I am going fishing next week and I will worry about things after I get back.

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Good to Go

The fax machine in the Netherlands is working!!!!

I finally got my permit. Days and weeks of anxiety waiting for a permit allowing my gun to spend 90 minutes in the country. Nice.

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One Week and Counting

Ground control to Major Tom, Commencing countdown, engines on....

One week today and Sparky and I are off on our adventure(s). It is really starting to sink in and some KNOB keeps sending me texts about how excited he is. Well, it just so happens I am a tad excited as well.
I already have a list of stuff to get, so I will be taking a trip to Bass Pro, etc., to get some of the final stuff. Today I took the cannon to the range and did a couple laps of the range and then threw a couple rocks down the old pipe with my heart running at full speed. I was shooting off the sticks - to make it as authentic as possible - and managed to whack the targets at 200 yards with frightening consistency. ZEBRA BEWARE!!!!
I had originally planned to go on a hike, but the skeeters were a tad on the ugly side, so I just ran on the gun range. Luckily I was the only person on it, or I may not have been able to make quite as many, or maybe I would have been running faster and in a serpentine pattern.
The next week should be interesting. I know I won't be looking for things to do, but I expect I will have to start looking for my suitcase....

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T-Minus 24 Hours and Counting

The best laid plans of mice and men...

Weeeellllllll, here we go. It is almost exactly 24 hours before Sparky and I blast off, and I am in the midst of a slight meltdown. Those of you who are priviledged - or cursed - enough to know me, will know that I have been busy as a cross-eyed man judging a wet t-shirt contest for identical twins. Between finishing school, going fishing (which wasn't anywhere nearly relaxing as I had hoped), and building display cabinets for the fire hall, I have been beat. The heat, THE FRIGGIN' MOSQUITOS, and a purely lacksidaisical approach to packing have put me behind the 8 ball.
We are less than a day away and I have just signed up for extended medical insurance - and the guy reassured me that being eaten by a lion is covered, even if it won't be of much help. I know that at this very second, there are people who have just read that "being eaten by a lion" comment, and THEY ARE NOT AMUSED. Sorry.
At the moment I am going with a suitcase last used by either my wife or kid on our trip to Europe four years ago. I decided not to take the umbrella, Danielle Steele book (even though I haven't read it. SURPRISE!!!), three zip loc bags and two articles of feminine hygiene protection that were squirrelled away in the various pockets and compartments. I am having a tough time envisioning how I will be able to get stuff into the suitcase when I don't know what I am buying, or what I am leaving. I know I won't bring back any ammo or the ammo box. I will likely dispose of any battered or abused underwear. Or maybe not.
I think I have the clothes things figured, but I may be a bit underdressed. The last forecast I read put the lows at -3 in the mornings with highs of up to 24 in the heat of the day. Heat is no problem. I just don't plan to take much of a jacket, which may bite my butt at some point.
Oh well. I need to stop rambling on and get with the program. I don't know exactly what that is, but I'm gonna find out. My next post will likely be from some spot with free wifi - could be Calgary International, could be Amsterdam. Might be the lodge at Steyn Safaris. Your guess is as good as mine.

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Guns, bags, beer and burgers. A tale of YYC.

So we have jumped through the first hurdle. We got to the airport and stopped at the KLM ticket station to begin the process. As it was, there was a lady - who we found out was the boss - was looking for two men with weapons. Boy, did she pick the right guys, if you know what I mean!!! We were ready for an adventure, but she just asked us for our papers and said she would do her thing somewhere else and that we should wait over there. Not over here, over there. We did what she wanted because she appeared to have some clout in the KLM lanes.
About ten minutes later she reappeared, told us to follow her and she did her thing. Our guns were tagged with bright orange tags which said they were unloaded guns - they didn't check them, though - and the luggage with ammo was checked as oversize as well. Things just ticked along and before we knew it, we were headed off to the oversize check in. The guns were somewhat of a mild concern for the agent as they didn't come with the mass of paperwork she was used to with Canadian shipments, and all she eventually needed was the girl from KLM to wander over and say "Oh, everything is fine. The guns are good to go." Done.
From there, Sparky indicated the need for a smoke and I indicated the need for tequila-based beverage. He did his thing and then we progessed to our current locale, Montana's. Beverages in hand, burgers on the way, and the adventure has begun!!!!

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