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It is all over. Really? 01.08.2012
Closer, and Certainly Comfier 28.07.2012
The End is in Sight 28.07.2012
Penultimate Day in Durban 27.07.2012
Photos 26.07.2012
Photos 26.07.2012
Photos 26.07.2012
Of Mangos and Durban 26.07.2012
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, La La La.... 26.07.2012
One Week in the Books 26.07.2012
The Friday That Was - The Missing Details 26.07.2012
Durban, Civilization and SLEEEEEP, but First and Update 26.07.2012
Monday, Monday 23.07.2012
Friday, and What a Week It Has Been 20.07.2012
It's Wednesday, I think, So We Must Be In.... 20.07.2012
What a Start!!! 16.07.2012
On the Ground and NOT Running. 15.07.2012
IN LIKE FLINT!!! OR IS IT FLYNN??? 14.07.2012
T-Minus 24 Hours and Counting 13.07.2012
One Week and Counting 07.07.2012
Good to Go 29.06.2012
Permits, Permits, Permits 27.06.2012
OH MY GOODNESS.... 25.06.2012
Where are We Going? Glad You Asked. 19.06.2012
Still Getting Set... 17.06.2012
Get Set? 13.06.2012
On Your Mark.... 12.06.2012